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ADCPs In Action In Australia

ADCPs in Action in Australia – 12 to 13 May 2015 – Gold Coast

The Third ADCPs in Action in Australia!

In 2015 ADCPs in Action was bigger than ever combining Marine Measurements and Water Resources in parallel streams. A full complement of Teledyne RDI technical staff was available and conduct comprehensive product training sessions for both Marine Measurements and Water Resources users were conducted over the two days.

Comprehensive training sessions on ADCP theory formed the core of the presentations at AiAiA 2015 with several workshops and detailed training on data analysis complementing theory sessions. ADCP product demonstrations including the new RiverPro were conducted in the Southport Yacht Club marina.

User presentations and “lessons – learned” were a highlight of the second day and many attendees asked if we could allow more time for this in 2017. Teledyne RESON & Odom on-water product demonstrations were conducted throughout the two days and the side-by-side comparison of the Teledyne Reson T20P and the Teledyne Odom MB1 were very effective in highlighting the capability of each sonar type for different applications.

“Dodgy Data Day” was a valuable activity with several attendees taking the opportunity to review their ADCP data with the experts from Teledyne RDI.

Presentations from the Third ADCPs in Action are located here


Thank you to our sponsors whose support was fundamental to the success of the event.


JCU Marine 

Geophysics Laboratory

Sunrise on another perfect day on the Gold Coast to start the conference

Jen Benson, Conference Chair, gets the conference underway

Darryl Symonds, Director of Marine Measurements Product Lines at Teledyne RDI, begins with ADCP theory

The Teledyne OceanScience “Z-Boat” attracted attention with it’s capability and versatility
for deploying ADCPs in both coastal and river applications

The conference dinner at the Southport Yacht Club was well attended

Z-Boat demonstration in the Southport Yacht Club marina

UVS and Teledyne RDI


UVS has worked closely with Teledyne RDI since the introduction of ADCP technology to the Australian market in 1989. From the original forecasts of sales of 10 to 20 instruments, there are now over 500 Teledyne RDI instruments deployed in Australia. 

Teledyne has constantly pursued product innovation in ADCP technology, moving from the original Narrow Band technology to the power and adaptability of Broadband signal processing. A key driver of innovation has been Teledyne’s close contact with the user community, and this has been strongly fostered through the “ADCPs in Action” conference series that has enabled users to meet with Teledyne staff for the exchange of ideas, applications and development of ADCPs for use in marine and river applications.

UVS is proud to represent Teledyne RDI products and to be associated with a company that continues to develop and evolve technology for the benefit of customers in the field. In October 2012 UVS joined with Teledyne to host the inaugural “ADCPs in Action in Australia” event on the Gold Coast in Queensland. This event was an outstanding success and UVS and Teledyne agreed to continue to work together to conduct more events to serve the user community in Australia, foster the networking and exchange of ideas and support innovation in the ADCP user community.


To encourage early-acceptance of innovative technologies, the UVS Innovation Awards enable ocean science, engineering and research students to gain early experience with innovative technologies through loan of equipment from the UVS Rental Pool.

Applications for the Innovation Awards close one month prior to each “ADCPs in Action” conference in Australia with the successful candidate being announced at the conference. Find out more about the awards here and submit your application today!

Water Resources, August 19-20, 2013

UVS and Teledyne RD Instruments were pleased to host the second “ADCPs in Action” conference and exhibition at the South Port Yacht Club on the beautiful Gold Coast.  

Delegates from  Marine Measurements and Water Resources joined with UVS and Teledyne RDI representatives to network, learn and share about the wide applications of ADCP technology.

Harry Maxfield, Professor Hood and Neil Hodges in discussion 
watched by Neil Trenaman and Kim Colling.

Harry Maxfield, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Teledyne RDI 
updates the conference on the Teledyne companies.

Jim Rogers, Director of Water Resources Product Lines, Teledyne
RDI presents “ An Overview of Teledyne RDI ADCPS for Water
Resources Application – What’s New!”.

Mike Lysaght, Business Development Manager, Hydrological
Services, demonstrates the Flying Fox ADCP Traversing System.

Griffith University Research Vessel heads out for a MB1 and
BlueView demonstration.

River Ray ADCP ready for demonstration.
David Hood AM, Adjunct Professor in the Science and Engineering 
Faculty at QUT presents on “A future of Great Uncertainty – 
Anthropogenic Global Warming and Climate Change”.


First Water Resources Conference

Following the success of the inaugural “Marine Measurements” conference, UVS and Teledyne RDI joined forces to stage an event that would bring together hydrographers, scientists and engineers operating in the Water Resources community to network and learn. Teledyne provided strong support for the conference with representatives from Teledyne RDI demonstrating RiverRay and other products that provide highly accurate Doppler technology for flow measurement and discharge applications in the inland environment. 

Keynote Speaker

The conference was opened by Adjunct Professor David Hood AM FIEAust CPEng who gave a passionate presentation concerning the uncertain future resulting from anthropogenic global warming and climate change. Professor Hood is currently working with the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and Program Leader for Sustainability in Infrastructure at the CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management (CIEAM) to infuse sustainability across research, teaching and learning at the Queensland University of Technology. He is Accredited Presenter (trained by Al Gore) for The Climate Reality Project and his presentation provided a great deal of food for thought in considering the impact of the measurement and management of water resources as they become impacted by climate change.

Conference Opening

UVS was pleased to host Harry Maxfield, Vice President Sales and Marketing, to open the conference of behalf of Teledyne. Harry briefed the audience on the recent reorganisation of the Teledyne companies and the ongoing effort by Teledyne RDI to provide outstanding service to ADCP customers in all markets including water resources. Harry noted the long term partnership between RDI and UVS and that recent initiatives to establish a service centre in Australia for RDI products would provide a new level of service, repair, modification and upgrade capability for the region.

Teledyne Odom and Teledyne BlueView

Providing added interest for the delegates was the attendance by two companies from the Teledyne Imaging segment: Teledyne Odom and Teledyne BlueView. Thanks to Griffith University, equipment from both of these companies was demonstrated for the delegates on a research boat.

Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Survey Support Specialist, David Andrews, presented the features and capabilities of the MB1 Multi Beam Imaging Sonar. The sonar was deployed used to identify scouring and sand ripples in the sea floor. David said that the water was very shallow at around 2 metres, however, the versatility of the MB1 showed that it was a useful tool for operating in the Southport area.

Teledyne BlueView Commercial Sales Manager – Americas & Australia, Brian Berna, presented the innovative range of BlueView 2D and 3D sonars. This state of the art, compact acoustic imaging and measurement solutions are ideal for civil engineering, transportation, and water resources applications where water turbidity prevents visual inspection.

Conference Program

A busy conference program was comprised two paper sessions were chaired on the first day by Neil Trenaman for UVS and Jim Rogers for Teledyne RDI. Presentations can be viewed here. The day was wrapped up with a lively and informative presenter panel discussion and Q&A session that provided many valuable insights into the industry and issues faced by hydrographers. The conference was brought to a close with an informal feedback session mediated by Margo Newcombe, Director of Marketing at Teledyne RDI. Feedback was very positive and a number of suggestions were taken on board by the UVS/RDI team for improving the next ADCPs in Action in Australia.
Interactive Training Sessions
The second day was devoted to interactive training sessions hosted by industry experts. Henning Hang, Asia Pacific Manager & Principal Hydraulic Engineer, presented classroom training on SxS Pro, Moving Bed condition and recommendations for High Quality ADCP Discharge Measurement. This was supported by dockside and boat demonstrations of River Ray and Teledyne Blue View 2D sonars and the MB1 Multibeam Echo Sounder.

Gold Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors whose support was fundamental to the success of the event.
Teledyne RDI
Teledyne Odom
Teledyne BlueView
Hydrological Services

Marine Measurements, October 8-9, 2012


 Our inaugural event was a big success with over forty attendees meeting on the Gold Coast for a day of presentations followed by a user workshop. 

 Dr, George Creswell presents the keynote address. Mark Musarra (GM, UVS), Adam Lipper (Teledyne Benthos), 
Ron Hippe (Teledyne RDI) and Neil Trenaman (COO, UVS)
in discussion 
at the conference.

Grant Jennings (Teledyne Odom) standing, with conference

Delegates enjoy lunch at the Southport Yacht Club. 
 Conference delegates and hosts gather for a group picture. Thank you to our speakers who provided an interesting set of

The conference was opened by CSIRO Honorary Fellow Dr. George Creswell who spoke on “A 25-year ADCP Adventure”. George’s long experience with ADCPs combined with his wide ranging applications, from Papa New Guinea in the North, to the Leeuwin current in the west and the East Australia Current in the east set the scene for the day of speakers. Darryl Symonds kicked off for Teledyne with an interesting presentation on the latest work on integration of ADCP technology into Gliders. The remainder of the day was a packed program with eight papers presented from users in research, industry and product development. Presentations can be viewed here.

Conference program


On the second day Teledyne RD Instruments provided a demonstration of its new Sentinel V ADCP. During the session there was a walk-through of the pre deployment checks, a simulated bench top deployment, recovery of data, and walk through several sets of ADCP data including both TRDI’s Sentinel V ADCP and TRDI’s WH ADCPs.

2012 marked Teledyne’s thirtieth birthday year and UVS was very pleased to host a large contingent of visitors from Teledyne in the USA:

  • Darryl Symonds (Director of Marine Measurements Product Lines, Teledyne RDI)
  • Ron  Hippe (Technical Sales, Teledyne RDI)
  • Margo Newcombe (Director of Marketing, Teledyne RDI)
  • Adam Lipper (Applications Engineer - Acoustics & Communication, Teledyne Benthos)

  • Debbie King (Product Line Manager, Teledyne Benthos)

  • Grant Jennings (Director of Sales & Marketing, Teledyne Odom)

Liquid Robotics was represented by Jamie Griffith who answered many questions from delegates who were interested in the display of the Liquid Robotics Wave Glider.

Thank you to our sponsors whose support was fundamental to the success of the event.

Gold Sponsors


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