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Case Studies


Bluezone Group is one of the most recognised and highly regarded suppliers of subsea technology and underwater electronics in Australia with over 40 years experience across many market sectors. A pioneer in the supply, service and engineering of systems for ocean, coastal and river applications, BlueZone matches state-of-the-art technology with know-how to get jobs done for demanding customers operating in harsh environments.

Benefit from our experience in by reviewing the Case Studies found on this page. Check back regularly for updates and insights into the application of innovative technologies.

Contact BlueZone Group for further information on these Case Studies or to discuss how our innovative ideas can solve your problems.

Case Study: Wave Monitoring for Darwin Harbour

The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) successfully installed a Wave Monitoring System at the entrance to Darwin Harbour.
The Wave Monitoring System was comprised of a Teledyne RDI Workhorse Sentinel Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) operating at 600kHz and equipped with NEMO waves. The ADCP was bottom mounted and a Teledyne Benthos ATM916 acoustic modem was used to communicate ADCP data through water to a topside NextG modem that transmitted data to the AIMS website for display... more

Case Study: GPS Integration into RiverRay

Many users prefer to integrate a GPS into RiverRay for difficult conditions such as moving beds. The RiverRay is fully DGPS compatible and supports integration of a large number of OEM GPS units. The advantage of this approach is that customers can integrate a GPS unit that they already have in their inventory – there is no requirement to include a dedicated GPS in the RiverRay that may not be used for many applications. This reduces cost of ownership... more

Case Study: Darwin Pile Driving

BlueZone provided leading environmental services consultant PGM Environment with engineering services support for studies associated with underwater noise risk mitigation measures for development work in Darwin Harbour. This centred upon pile driving required to install ship facilities and navigation markers. It was understood that certain iconic marine fauna within Darwin Harbour, notably various species of dolphins, as well as dugongs and turtles, were suspected of being sensitive to the noise from marine piling works... more

Case Study: Sediment Transport in Singapore Harbour

During dredging operations in Singapore Harbour there was a need to closely monitor the sediment transport in real time to avoid impact on designated areas. Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) from Teledyne RD Instruments were the logical choice to measure water currents and twenty instruments were deployed to provide for measurement at key locations .... more

Case Study: Rainwater Tank Inspection

Many home owners are choosing to install rainwater tanks to help conserve local drinking water supply and provide a valuable source of water for home use during periods of water restrictions. Regular inspection of rainwater tanks is recommended and mandated in some areas... more

Case Study: Bridge Inspection

The AC-ROV can now be supplied with Ultrasonic Thickness Detection (UDT) and laser scaling for accurate dimension checking. The Seaeye Flacon can be fitted with high definition imaging sonar providing an “acoustic camera” for operating in turbid water locations....more

Case Study: Marina and Boat Inspection

Falcon ROV demonstrates capability for shaft, propeller and rudder inspection in Sydney Harbour...more

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