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Subsea Trenchers

Subsea Trenchers

UVS designs, manufactures and supplies systems for control and monitoring of subsea trenchers developed by Subtrench Six successful systems deployed and work is continuing of development of new systems.

During the design phase of each system, largely based on the solid platform of previously completed projects, the use of current technology is always the primary focus. This is achieved with UVS in-house engineering capability which continually seeks to keep abreast of new developments, as well as a strong commitment from management to pursue and develop internal R&D projects and product development where practical and beneficial to our clients.

Working closely with the Subtrench design team, UVS engineers have developed complete electronic systems to meet the custom requirements of each trencher.

The systems have included:

  • UVS Surface Control Console (SCC);
  • CitectSCADA - Graphical monitoring and control software;
  • SubSea POD1 – Electronic equipment control and monitoring, and
  • SubSea POD2 – Mechanical and hydraulic equipment control and monitoring.

Typically, the system is delivered to allow for monitoring, control and powering of:

  • 4 x PAL/NTSC underwater cameras
  • 4 x dimmable underwater lights (LED preferred)
  • 1 x obsatcle avoidance sonar
  • 2 x profiling sonars
  • 1 x motion reference unit

Through ongoing evolution and development, UVS currently provides a Programmable Logic Controlled (PLC) based control solution, using distributed processing over a 100Mb Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN). This philosophy provides an expansion capability where any number of control nodes can be added to provide any possible functionality required.

With recent innovations in technology remote access for monitoring and system upgrades can also be achieved wherever internet access is available.

The trencher monitoring and control system is optimized through use of the Surface Control Console, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and two subsea pods.

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