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Naming Competition

Dear Innovators,

The “Offboard DCL” project has now been running for 3 years and we are reaching the point where we are developing an innovative Australian-developed sovereign capability that will have outstanding utility for defence and the rapidly approaching world of Remote and Autonomous Systems (RAS).

Congratulations to the team – BlueZone, Sonartech Atlas and Acacia Systems – for everything that we have achieved together so far and for the big things that we will do in the near future.

The name “Offboard DCL” essentially describes the customers problem – offboard detection classification and localisation of undersea contacts. What we are building is an innovative solution to that problem – and it has reached the point where it needs a name!

Below is a short system description for the benefit of those that are not familiar with the system.

We encourage all staff of BlueZone, Sonartech Atlas and Acacia Systems to enter our naming competition. When we have the list of suggestions a Committee of Taste will shortlist the names for a final vote and name selection.

All suggestions are welcome except those from John Gessler already ruled out: “Sonix Carrier” and “Acoustic Surfboard”! J

Fabulous prize for the winning entry!!

Submit Your Entry Here:

Entries Close

5pm Friday 9 July 2021

System Description

Low-signature Wave Glider Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) are deployed to contribute to the tactical Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) picture.

Each Wave Glider includes processing package and communications system for persistent underwater surveillance. The Wave Gliders implement automatic Detection, Classification and Localisation (DCL) capability so that each Wave Glider can be considered an autonomous 'ASW picket’. The DCL capability builds upon existing acoustic data processing (Sonartech Atlas) and track data processing (Acacia Systems). Acoustic data processing and track data processing is performed on low-power and high-performance NVIDIA® Jetson processors.

The Wave Glider sensor network is an extension to the ASW systems in a frigate to provide an 'unmanned and deployable consort' for remote DCL capability, and aid prosecuting assets such as helicopters, Maritime Patrol Aircraft and possibly UAV in the future.

The concept extends beyond simply attaching an acoustic sensor to an unmanned platform. The concept will provide a capability so that USV contribute to the ASW battle in much the same way as ASW frigates contribute. That is, each USV processes acoustic data and track data to form tracks and links at track level with every other ASW unit in the force.

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