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Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)

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    The REMUS Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) has been a remarkable success with more than 200 vehicles (2012) delivered. REMUS vehicles are widely used in many applications including:  naval, hydrography and ocean science.

    Service and Support

    UVS has provided service and support for REMUS vehicles since their first introduction to applications in Australia. UVS offers all  elements of support for the REMUS including full warranty support and further support and service as required beyond warranty work. UVS is registered under ITAR with approvals to dismantle the REMUS AUV.

    Contact UVS for further advice and information on REMUS products and REMUS  support.


    Remote Mine Classification Module integrated into the REMUS 600 in just two days replacing the existing SAS module for Exercise Autonomous Warrior 2018 in November 2018.

    REMUS M3V – Micro 300m UUV

    Sonobuoy A-size UUVs enable an accelerated MCM timeline

    Mine Counter Measures (MCM) phases of Detection, Classification and Identification can be constrained by the availability of assets to simultaneously search a large area. Cost and the availability of trained resources also limit the operations that can be performed.

    The REMUS Micro 300m UUV (M3V) enables new operational concepts for MCM Detection and Classification phases.

    With its small size enabling rapid deployment of multiple units it provides the ability to deploy a swarm of vehicles to address a large search area. Helicopter or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle deployment is an option to counter defensive nets around minefields. More data can be obtained in faster time enabling ‘manoeuvre and mobility’ rather than having to punch through a minefield situation.

    With its small size and simplified training, the REMUS M3V offers more options in contested, confined or estuarine environments

    A unique capability of the M3V is to adopt a buoy mode enables ‘gateway communications’ for data transmission from subsea assets to satellite services and back to command positions.

    The REMUS Micro 300m UUV (M3V) A-size vehicle enables a variety of deployment options including air, small boats and submarine.

    The REMUS M3V in buoy mode enables communications with subsea assets via acoustic links and transmission of data via satellite links to shore.

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