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  • Hydra & Cyclops Video Control Units

    OceanTools Hydra is a Pelicase housed unit that can control the operation of up to eight OceanCAM-IP or OceanCAM-IP/ZF high definition IP cameras, plus up to eight PT330 pan & tilt units and eight individual OceanLED or pairs of OceanLED subsea lights.

    The video from all connected cameras is displayed on the built-in HD display. Additionally, the unit can simultaneously digitally record the high definition video footage from all cameras. Cameras can share the same network connection, or each camera may be individually connected to the control unit and powered using PoE (Power over Ethernet).

    OceanTools Cyclops can power and control a single OceanCAM-CC or OceanCAM-ZF camera, plus an optional PT330 pan & tilt unit and single OceanLED or pair of OceanLED subsea lights.

    An integral joystick gives accurate pan & tilt control, with positional feedback clearly displayed. The unit also includes Home and Saved position buttons. The controller is housed in a rugged IP67 rated enclosure, suitable for deck operation.  Its composite video signal output may be taken to a monitor – perhaps via an OceanTools video overlay.

    OceanTools Hydra is a Multiple Camera Video Control Unit that supports up to eight High Definition IP cameras. 
     OceanTools Cyclops camera controller is a Single Camera Video Control Unit that can power and control a single OceanCAM-CC or OceanCAM-ZF camera.

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