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Diving Products

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  • DiverCOMM

    DiverCOMM is a lightweight, tactical, voice communications system using Magneto-Inductive (MI) signalling technology. Unlike radio frequency (RF) and acoustic signals, the low frequency MI signal can penetrate through air-water boundaries, providing users with secure and reliable connectivity in most acoustically challenging environments. The Magneto-Inductive (MI) signalling does not propagate like RF or acoustic signals and is virtually undetectable.

    DiverCOMM operates in both air and water, enabling a diver in the water to talk to a supervisor directly. For operations such as a hull search, divers on hull search can talk to each other and relay messages via last diver to surface. DiverCOMM is immune from acoustic interference and so will provide an unprecedented communications capability in noisy harbours or industrial locations where commercial divers are often required to operate.

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