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Oceanographic Equipment

  • DeepWater Buoyancy (Flotation Technologies)

    DeepWater Buoyancy is the world leader in the design and manufacture of deployment products for use with ADCP's.
    Originally developed by Flotation Technologies in conjunction with Teledyne RDI, DeepWater spherical and elliptical ADCP Buoys are the industry standard, with thousands of units in use in the global oceans. Products include:

    Spherical ADCP Buoys
    Manufactured from high-performance DeepTec™ syntactic foam and fitted with 316L stainless steel and titanium hardware, spherical ADCP Buoys are designed to outperform and outlast conventional mooring flotation. Available with depth ratings from 200m to 6000m, they require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable under the most rigorous deepwater conditions.

    Elliptical ADCP Buoys
    These buoys are have the same rugged design as the spherical ADCP buoys, but have an elliptical shape for higher current applications. Available with depth ratings from 200m to 6000m.

    StableMoor™ ADCP Buoys
    For a more extreme current application, turn to the StableMoor™ line of buoys. These unique ADCP buoys are customized for your particular application. Accounting for depth, instrument types and current, this design will give you stable data in unstable waters.

    Trawl-resistant Bottom Mounts
    These TRBMs may be deployed by free-fall, or by a diver or ROV. They have a double axis gimbal inside a buoyant recovery pod, and are designed to permit retrieval of all mounted instruments. An optional Spectra line pack can be provided for recovery of the base for turnaround deployments. Our TRBMs are available in depths of over 500 meters. We also offer disposable concrete bases.

    All hardware is type 316L stainless steel or titanium equipped with sacrificial zinc anodes that are factory installed. Protective coatings include GRP, urethane elastomer or rotationally moulded polyethylene for increased durability and minimal fouling. ADCPs and other instrumentation are securely mounted using titanium and a unique polyurethane clamp.

    DeepWater versatile ADCP buoys can also incorporate additional instruments such as:
    • Acoustic Modems
    • Satellite Recovery Beacons
    • Pingers and Flashers
    • External Battery Housings
    • Multiple Acoustic Releases

    Mooring designs can include an additional ADCP for an upward/ downward looking configuration to maximise coverage of the water column.

    DeepWater Buoyancy also produces many other products for use in marine measurement such as:

    • Spherical and ellipsoid cable floats for back up buoyancy
    • Inline 316L stainless steel frames
    • Buoyancy collars for transponders or acoustic releases

    Custom syntactic foam products can be designed and manufactured in many configurations - depth rated from just subsurface to depths exceeding 6000 meters.

    DeepWater Buoyancy continues to work with Teledyne RDI and a global user base to refine and improve these time-tested products.

    Buoy deployed in Arctic


    StableMoor ADCP Buoy Deployment

    Products for Offshore Oil & Gas Applications 

    DeepWater Buoyancy provides a range of new products to service the Offshore Oil & gas market:

    • Jumper Buoyancy modules are fabricated with either a rotationally-moulded polyethylene shell or with a GRP skin. In all cases, high-performance DeepTec® syntactic foam provides the buoyancy.  An integral elastomeric clamp acts as the interface to the pipe and resists axial and torsional loads.
    • Umbilical Buoyancy provides distributed buoyancy for platform-to-seafloor umbilical applications. Available with either an integral or secondary clamp, these modules can be custom to fit any umbilical of any size or configuration. Umbilical Ballast modules are also available to assist in the creation of the proper umbilical arrangement.
    • Pipeline Buckle Mitigation Buoyancy modules are clamped onto the pipeline to control the formation of the lateral buckles and to alleviate stress.  These modules decrease the lateral friction from the buckle by both reducing weight of the buckling sections and by providing a protective shell.
    Jumper Buoyancy - Straked modules are available to decrease vortex-induced vibration (VIV). 
     Umbilical Buoyancy standard design has an integral elastomeric clamp designed to secure the modules against axial and torsional loads.
     Pipeline Buckle Mitigation Buoyancy are made using high-performance DeepTec® syntactic foam inside a thick-walled polyethylene exterior shell that provides superior resistance to impact, wear and biofouling.

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