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  • PORT Push Off Release Transponder

    The  EdgeTech PORT  Push  Off  Release  Transponder  Pop-up  recovery  package  is  ideal  for  deployments  in  coastal  environments.  The  mechanical  drive  off  system  is  the  best  choice  for  deployments  where  acoustic  release  mechanisms  can  experience  growth  or  sediment build up.  

    The Pop-up flotation package can be added to the PORT MFE or PORT LF SD acoustic releases.  The canister can be outfitted with customer supplied rope (line) of various lengths.  The PORT Pop-up  is  a  reliable  and  compact  design  that  allows  user  the  ability  to  create  small,  efficient  and  compact  mooring  solutions  in  any  environment.    The  single-solution  design  combines  the  acoustic  release,  flotation  and  line.    
    When  acoustically  commanded  by  a  PACS or 8011 deck unit the acoustic release and the top portion of  the  pop-up  package  will  float  to  the  surface.    The  release  and  surface  flotation  remains  connected  to  the  bottom  section  and  associated mooring equipment for easy retrieval leaving nothing behind on the seafloor.

    The PORT  Push  Off  Release  Transponder  Pop-up  recovery  package provides great positive buoyancy for recovery in strong currents and is configurable with various line lengths

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