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Oceanographic Equipment

  • OG03 Instrument Cradle

    The OG03 Instrument Cradle provides a reliable way to deploy seafloor instruments. When teamed with a standard Fiobuoy, the complete system supports deployment and recovery of seafloor instruments without marking the location with a surface float.

    This can be useful when a surface float and riser may be subject to strong currents or when the location of the instruments should not be marked. The OG03 is designed for short term (e.g. 30-day) deployments in shallow water to depths of 30m.

    The OG03 can be used to mount sensors such as tide gauges. Cable ties, hose clamps or similar can be used to attach your sensor. OG03 is compact enough for deployment from a Zodiac (demonstrated by testing) and robust enough to survive a 30 day deployment (due to material selection and experience with previous deployments).

    With laser cut stainless steel construction combined with zinc anodes to provide ballast and corrosion protection, the OG03 provides a simple and reliable method to deploy seafloor instruments.

     OG03 Instrument Cradle for  deployment of seafloor instruments.

     OG03 Instrument Cradle teamed with a standard Fiobuoy for recovery.





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