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Teledyne SeaBotix ROVs

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  • SeaBotix SmartFlight™

    ROV Operations Simplified and Missions Enhanced

    SmartFlight™ adds automated functions to the SeaBotix vLBV ROV and is available as an integrated option on new and as an upgrade for existing vLBV systems. SmartFlight™ features include:

    • Return to target
    • Waypoint navigation
    • Holding station
    • Orbit target
    • Seamless integration with AUV/Mosaic software
    • Single intuitive GUI with Navigation, Sonar, Video
    • Target tracking with Tritech Gemini Multi-Beam Sonar

    An intuitive user interface allows seamless target data import functionality from other systems such as AUVs and mosaic software. Sonar tracking enables precise object-based holding station and target orbiting. The system offers waypoint navigation, programmable search, and auto-height.

    The system employs sensor fusion technology that minimises hardware dependency while providing a full suite of automated features.

    The Teledyne SeaBotix SmartFlight™ system has been used by the U.S. Navy explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams since 2014. SmartFlight™ is technically robust, easy-to-use, and very precise—qualities essential for working in a variety of high-pressure situations. This technology is commercially available today to inspect whatever is important to you—including pipelines, fish, risers, pylons, tunnels, harbors, and hulls.

    SmartFlight™ unleashes the power of SeaBotix vLBV by simplifying and enhancing all types of ROV operations including pipeline inspections, surveying, search and recovery and underwater asset inspection. Operator training times are reduced and operator performance in missions is enhanced using the powerful features of SmartFlight™ to plan and conduct ROV missions.

    Please contact BlueZone for further information: SeaBotix SmartFlight™

    The SeaBotix SmartFlight™ User Interface provides a complete overview of ROV Operations.  

     The SmartFlight™ Mission View display provides a grid overlaying a graphical interpretation of the ROV operations survey area.

    SeaBotix SmartFlight™ simplifies execution of complex subsea tasks and allows the operator to focus on the core mission

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