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Teledyne SeaBotix ROVs

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    Teledyne SeaBotix produces a range of low logistics ROVs that are ideal for many applications where rapid deployment and ease of setup are key requirements. Packed in rugged cases the SeaBotix ROVs are easy to transit to a site and operations can be run using a standard generator where there is no electrical power available.

    The SeaBotix tether is flexible and rugged with no fibre optic components so that it can easily be field repaired in the event of damage. With a working strength of 100kg the tether can be used to launch the ROV and so provides an easy and safe way to get it in an out of the water.

    Product Range

    ROVs in the Teledyne SeaBotix range include:

    • LBV150-4 & LBV200-4 The benchmark MiniROV system setting the standard for small capable ROV systems
    • vLBV300 Vectored MIniROV with exceptional power to drag, stability and available suite of sensors.
    • LBV300-5 Highly stable and powerful MiniROV system with dual vertical thruster configuration.
    • vLBV950 Increased depth capability in the highly acclaimed compact MiniROV layout.

    Specialised ROVs

    Teledyne SeaBotix has been an innovative ROV company since the original development of their first full-function low cost ROV in the 1980s. SeaBotix products are developed to meet key design guidelines including capability; intuitive control; rugged build quality and value for money. Innovation at SeaBotix has continued with the development of specialised underwater applications including:

    • SARbot® World's first and foremost cold water drowning rapid response rescue system.
    • vLBV-10 "SeaLift" Six vertical thrusters for heavy lifting (18kg) in a compact ROV system.
    • LBC The true crawler hybrid MiniROV system with amazing stability and operating capability.
    • vLBC The vLBC tracked crawler hybrid for increased capability and versatility.


    The SeaBotix range of MiniROV systems are designed to offer intuitive controls, simple maintenance and operation. However, nothing replaces in depth training provided by an experienced operator/technician. UVS can provide training in our facility at Newcastle, NSW that includes an 8.0m diameter and 5.0m deep ROV test tank that enables students to gain confidence in all aspects of ROV operations in a controlled environment. You will have instruction and advice from experienced ROV operator/technicians and full telephone back up.

    Service & Support

    UVS, a member of the BlueZone Group of companies, has access to all of the ROV service and support experience of sister company ATSA Defence Services. ATSA has supported ROVs operated by the Royal Australian Navy since 2000. Our experienced workshop capability in Newcastle, Melbourne and Perth enables nation-wide support of Teledyne SeaBotix products. UVS is committed to supporting your ROV operations with trained and experienced technicians and fast turn-around times.




    The LBV200-4 is designed with features typically found in larger ROVs. With powerful thrusters, high resolution video over the industry leading low drag tether and an extensive list of available options make the LBV200-4 the perfect inshore/offshore solution.


    The LBV300-5 takes stability and versatility to a new level with dual vertical thrusters. Increased vertical control and stability make the LBV300-5 a great tool in demanding conditions. Add the revolutionary Crawler Skid and you have the ultimate maritime security system.


     A complete system includes the vLBV ROV, Integrated Control System, Tether & Reel and rugged Tansit Cases.


    The LBV single function three jaw grabber is an ideal tool for securing to an underwater structure, retrieving objects of various sizes and deploying a messenger line for larger object retrieval. Powerful gripping force.


     The LBV300-5 complete system includes the LBV vehicle, Integrated Control System, Tether & Reel and rugged Transit Cases. The total tow case solution is 58.5kg.


    The Little Benthic Crawler (LBC) features a unique vortex suction device that enables it to adhere strongly to the surface being inspected in currents up to 5 knots. Even in such difficult conditions the LBC provides a stable sensor platform for high quality data acquisition. Don't be fooled by imitations!


    Unique to SeaBotix hybrid/crawler systems is the combination of a highly efficient attraction device and drive mechanism. The patented VRAM attractor produces an amazing 28 kg f of attractive force while the tracked drive system produces a further amazing 12 kg f of pulling force. This powerful combination provides a capability in demanding conditions where other systems fail.


    The SeaBotix Containerized Delivery System (CDS) is the world’s first rapid-response, fully self-contained, single-point lifting observation and light work ROV system. Even with depth ratings to 4,000m, the CDS has 1/3 the footprint of a workclass ROV, takes a fraction of the time to mobilize – 1 day – and can be operated by two persons from a small vessel of opportunity. It is estimated that over 80% of workclass ROV missions are simple observation. The CDS can pay for itself in operational costs quickly.

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