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Subsea Communications

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  • DL23 Subsea Datalogger with Acoustic Link

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    Real Time Results with High Accuracy Measurement and Recording

    The DL23 Subsea Datalogger with Acoustic Link supports operations to prove the integrity of newly laid or repaired pipeline on the seafloor where there is a need to provide high accuracy (0.1%) measurements of temperature & pressure of a charged pipeline. The DL23 provides results in real time using an acoustic link to transmit data and enable control.

    Typically a pipeline is charged and pressurised and then temperature and pressure are measured every few seconds to confirm that the pipe is not leaking over a 48 hour period.

    When there is a fixed volume in the pipeline the temperature measurement is required to validate the pressure reading. If a pressure changed is detected then there is a need to confirm if this is because the temperature has changed. If the temperature has not changed then this indicates a leak hence the need for high accuracy measurement of temperature and pressure.

    DL23 Design
    The DL23 Subsea Datalogger with Acoustic Link provides two pressure ports for external pressure readings and two Restive Thermocouple Devices (RTDs) for temperature measurement and pressure reading validation

    A combined data logger and acoustic modem capability is implemented. The data logger provides for complete recording of all sensor data and the acoustic modem supports retrieval of data in real time using a dunking transponder deployed from a ship.

    The acoustic modem can also be used to control and reconfigure the data logger to change sample interval etc.

    User Friendly GUI Acoustic Modem Interface
    A custom-designed data software package optimised for the data recording task and a user friendly GUI interface for access to the modem is provided. This makes it easy to control and operate the DL23 without the need to learn the acoustic modem command line language.

    • High accuracy (0.1%) measurements of temperature & pressure
    • Combined data logger and acoustic modem
    • Acoustic modem transmits data in real time
    • Acoustic modem can also be used to control Datalogger
    • User Friendly GUI Acoustic Modem Interface

    • High accuracy measurements support pipeline integrity tasks
    • Datalogger and acoustic modem easily deployed in one package
    • Real time results enable fast decisions on operations
    • Reconfigure the Datalogger and change operation on the fly
    • Reduced operator training required to operate the system

    Benthos Acoustic Modem mounted 
    in deployment basket 
     End-to-end test of acoustic link from 
    Datalogger to surface transponder

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