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Subsea Communications

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  • DL25 ADCP Extended Memory and Control

    BZG Engineered Products are available to meet your exact application requirements.
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    Reliable and flexible control of ADCPs in remote areas.

    The DL25 Extended Memory And Control (EMAC) enables long term data logging and remote control of Teledyne RDI Channel Master ADCPs. This supports deployment of these ADCPs in remote areas where large data recording requirements exist because the instrument cannot be readily accessed.
    Data logging for other ADCP types used in ocean deployments can be provided by packaging the DL25 for subsea deployment.

    • Common ADCP commands included as “macro” style buttons
    • Processing and display of recorded data via web interface
    • User configurable data storage capacity
    • Access to logged data files locally as well as remotely
    • Large PD0 files can be downloaded in user-selectable ranges
    • Logs and reports proprietary health status of device (battery, temperature, leaks, etc.)
    • “Hard Break” can be sent to ADCP
    • Status updates can be sent with Twitter and ThingsSpeak
    • Able to record/log serial output from device in native data formats (ASCII, PD0 (binary), etc.)

    Case Study: DL25 in the Field in Far North Queensland
    Extreme River Flows Application

    Measuring extreme river flows in Australia’s tropical north presents a real challenge due to the remote location of the measuring sites and the difficult of access during the rainy season. The DL25 EMAC was used to provide a solution that enabled reliable data capture and reduced the risk to staff in travelling long distances to remote locations. The DL25 was selected to provide a long term data logging for the deployment throughout the wet season combined with the ability to enable web-based supervision of the ADCP throughout the deployment.

    Case Study: Sediment Transport in Singapore Harbour
    Real time monitoring of sediment transport

    During dredging operations in Singapore Harbour there was a need to closely monitor the sediment transport in real time to avoid impact on designated areas. The DL25 Extended Memory And Control (EMAC) was integrated into the deployment frame to provide the capability for real time delivery of data to shore-based servers.

    DL25 for Dredging Operations

    Case Study: Wave and Current Monitoring Application
    Real time data from ocean instruments for real time decision making

    In this application on NSW South Coast  the DL25 was used in conjunction with a Teledyne RDI ADCP and the NEMO Waves Processing Module. NEMO processes ADCP/Waves data at the source, removing the typical constraints for transmitting this data to the surface. NEMO provides real-time data for real-time decision making.



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