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Subsea Communications

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  • WFS Wireless Subsea Communications

    Wireless For Subsea (WFS) is a global leader in the delivery of underwater wireless instrumentation and control solutions to the Offshore Oil and Gas and Renewables industries.

    Wireless technology is established as a powerful communication and network tool in many surface applications. The adoption of a wireless approach to producing highly instrumented subsea equipment removes the physical cabling requirement and makes it far more practical and cost-effective to deploy and maintain a far greater number of sensors. The technology may also offer benefits for temporary setups, during system installation; and in work-over operations.

    WFS offer wireless systems to provide the following functionality:
    • Communications 
    • Sensors and Instrumentation 
    • Process Control 
    • Data logging 
    • Subsea Video 
    • Wireless Power Transfer 
    Subsea Wireless applications in Offshore Oil & Gas include:
    • High-reliability connectors for LMRP/BOP (Wireless data + power to avoid wet mating)
    • Store and retrieve data locally (Wireless Black Box Recorder) 
    • Avoidance of ROV umbilical snag (Wireless Video Camera replaces 2nd ROV for third-eye view) 
    • Reduce support vessel size (eliminate 2nd
    • Faster Data Recovery (Wireless data logger)
    • Faster hot stabs (Wireless Video Camera for third-eye view) 
    • Control of subsea rotating machines (Wireless slip ring for data + power)
    • Re-flash of software and trouble-shooting (Wireless communications)
    • Retrofit integrity management sensors (Wireless Pipeline and Riser sensors Wireless Slip Ring for Decommissioning Operations)

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