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Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)

  • WAM-V

    The most stable, ultra-portable autonomous boat on the market.

    WAM-V Technology

    The Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) is an innovative class of watercraft (both autonomous and manned) using unique suspension technology to radically improve seagoing capabilities. The articulating system uses springs, shocks and ball joints to minimize structural loading. The result is an ULTRA-LIGHT, MODULAR vessel that can perform in sea conditions where an ordinary boat of similar size could no longer operate. The incredibly SHALLOW DRAFT and arches contribute to the GANTRY CRANE functionality.

    Wave Adaptive Suspension

    Unlike conventional boats, the WAM-V's flexible structure adapts and conforms to the surface of the water resulting in an exceptionally SMOOTH and LEVEL platform. Inflatable pontoons help absorb motion and force. Two engine pods are hinged to the hulls which keep the propellers in the water at all times, further improving vehicle stability and controllability. The 2:1 length-to-beam ratio, along with the articulating suspension systems, makes the WAM-V an exceptionally MANEUVERABLE and STABLE vessel.


    The WAM-V design works on many scales and can be designed and built to match specific applications. Marine Advanced Robotics, Inc. has designed, tested, manufactured and delivered WAM-V USVs in lengths of 8', 12’, 14’, 16’, and 33’ along with a 50’ POF (proof of feasibility) and the 100' prototype Proteus.

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    RobotX Report

    The unique ‘catamaran’ design of the WAM-V enables launch and recovery of the SeaBotix ROV between the pontoons.

    WAM-V 8 has best in class portability. Disassemble and pack into shipping cases that can be checked on most domestic airline carriers. WAM-V 8 is the most portable autonomous surface vessel (ASV) on the market.
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