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Water Monitoring

  • AML Oceanographic

    AML Oceanographic is the only manufacturer of Sensor Xchangeable instruments in the marine industry.  

    X•Series Sensor-Xchangeable Instruments

    The X•Series of Sensor-Xchangeable Instruments is a family of oceanographic instruments that allows you to change any instrument's sensor-load, in the field and on demand. With the X•Series, your CTD can become an SVTP; shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep; and temperature range can be extended or tightened, as needed. AML Oceanographic is the only manufacturer of XchangeTM field-swappable sensor-heads. Each XchangeTM sensor-head contains its own embedded calibration, a key part of enabling the sensor to work with any X•Series instrument. It is this embedded calibration - as well as critical electronics components - that ensure that field accuracy is maintained.

    Harnessing UV Light for Biofouling Control

    UV- XchangeTM is a biofouling solution unlike any other method currently on the market, UV- XchangeTM  and Cabled UV prevent biofouling during long-term, in-situ deployments. The LED modules bathe critical surfaces in ultraviolet (UV) light, killing early growth to prevent biofouling, and thus eliminating environmental drift in CTDs and multi-parameter instruments, and keeping critical surfaces of subsea devices clean.

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