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Water Resources

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  • FLOWLAB Technologies

    FlowLab Technologies are specialists in the measurement of fluids and provide a complete range of instruments for flow measurement. FlowLab provides instruments with two measurement technologies: electromagnetic and ultrasonic (transit time). Electromagnetic flow meters can be used in all types of conductive fluids including water (raw & treated) and waste water. Ultrasonic (transit time) flow meters operate in all types of fluids, even non-conductive fluids.

    Electromagnetic Flowmeters

    • For pressurised pipes only
    • For all types of conductive fluids (5uS)
    • Principal applications are for water (raw, treated) and waste water
    FLT40 +FLT01 - Insertion Flowmeters
    • Value for money Flowmeters 
    • For permanent or temporary installation
    • Can be powered 12v/24v DC or 220v AC or work with internal batteries.
    • Easy Installation  using taping connectors (welded/thread) or saddles using (1” min) + stop valve.
    • Can be installed without interruption of flow 
    • Bi-directional measurement of flow velocity. 
    • Flowmeter provided with pulse outputs and with a 4-20 mA output 
    • Internal data logger





    FLT40 + FLT02 Full Bore Flowmeters
    • For permanent installation, powered or not. 
    • Pipes must be cut and flow interrupted for installation



    Ultrasonic Flowmeters
    • For all homogeneous fluids (including non-conductive fluids)
    • Usually water raw, potable  or pure-process (more rarely for waste water)
    For Pressurised Pipes - FLT 10 + FLT25 (Wetted Sensor)
    • Better accuracy than electromagnetic insertion flowmeter
    • As accurate as  full bore electromagnetic




    For open channels - FLT10 OC  + FLT25 OC + pressure/level sensor
    • This type of measurement and installation is combines an ultrasonic velocity measurement (minimum 2 sensors, usually 4) combined to a level measurement (using pressure or ultrasonic in air sensor)
    • Installation is specific for each site condition




    Other Products
    FLT10 PN – Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    • Clamp-on or "dry" sensors that do not require insertion or taping machine 
    • For temporary measurement or punctual control usage
    FLT40FH - Fire Hydrant Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    • Integrated full bore sensor 
    • Dedicated to fire hydrant control 

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