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Kongsberg Maritime

Kongsberg Maritime 

Kongsberg Maritime Ltd is the leader in providing harsh environment underwater camera & imaging technology and marine CCTV systems to the Offshore Oil Field & Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Scientific and Military sectors. UVS has been a distributor for Kongsberg Maritime products for more than 20 years and has the experience and knowledge to assist you in selecting the right camera for your application.

High Definition (HD) Camera Products

Kongsberg recommends High Definition (HD) Camera products for:
• Improved resolution - more than 4X the pixel count of standard composite video 
• Much improved dynamic light range (detail in lightest light and darkest dark scenes)

HD Recording is made easy using a a single 4U Edge DVR-HD System packaged in one unit containing:
• SDI or fibre connections for HD video input
• 4 Standard coax inputs for SD cameras (live switching SD/HD)
• Inbuilt HD overlay
• Advanced HD video recording with live video pausing (stops
• multiple video files e.g. when repositioning)
• Serial inputs to record survey data and display on overlay
• HD Blackbox
• Microphone input for audio overlay
• 6TB on-board storage enough for 250hrs of video
• Removable hard drives (just exchange hard drives for another 250hrs of recoding!)

Other Kongsberg camera products can be grouped as follows:

1. Standard Underwater Camera Products

- ROV, Plough, Trencher, Lander or AUV Deployed
- Low Light Navigation Cameras
- SD & HD Inspection Cameras
- Digital Stills Cameras
- Accessories – Lamps, Pan & tilt Units
- AUV Cameras

2. Marine Camera/CCTV Systems

- Subsea Drill Support TV for semi-submersible rigs and FPSOs
- Vessel/Platform CCTV
- Pipelay/Stinger TV systems
- Ships hull mounted cameras (For aeration monitoring)
- Environmental/Subsea Monitoring
- Environmental, Scientific, Renewables
- Fisher Trawl Net TV

3. Naval Ships & Submarine CCTV
- Low Light Navigation Cameras
- SD & HD Inspection Cameras



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