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Membership and Awards

Membership and Awards

UVS supports the development of all markets in Australia where our instruments are deployed. We engage with local organisations and societies to support the development of knowledge and "lessons-learned" to increase the effectiveness of all our customers.

We are proud that the team at UVS has been recognised through a number of local and national awards and we support the organisations that are dedicated to the promotion of best practice for Australian industry and business.

Examples of UVS engagement and awards include:

ADCPs In Action in Australia

In October 2012 UVS will be proud to join with Teledyne RD Instruments to offer the ADCP user community in Australia a unique event for discussing applications and lessons learned from operating ADCPs “down under”. This is the first time that this prestigious workshop has been conducted in Australia and represents an outstanding opportunity to network,share information and learn about new and innovative uses of ADCPs for scientific, commercial and military applications.


ADCPs In Action in San Diego

UVS has been a regular attendee at "ADCPs In Action" hosted by Teledyne RDI in San Diego, California since the inception of the event. Through sponsorship of researchers such as David Williams (Australian Institute of Marine Science - Darwin), UVS has contributed to the exchange of ideas, applications and development of ADCPs for use in marine and river applications.


Australian Hydrographers Association

The Australian Hydrographers Association site provides access to news and information about Australian Hydrography, news and events in the profession and the chance to participate in forums exchanging ideas on many aspects of hydrography and related areas of interest and occupation.

UVS has been a regular sponsor of the Hydrographers Association Conference which is held every two years.


Australasian Hydrographic Society

UVS is also a corporate member of the Australasian Hydrographic Society. The AHS is the South West Pacific and South East Asian regional focus for those interested in hydrography and related sciences.

Its objectives are to promote the science of surveying and the exchange of information and knowledge between technologists and with others involved in hydrography, as well as to promote better education and training of persons engaged in the study of hydrography and related sciences.

For more information, see the AHS website.


Bright Thinkers
UVS is proud to be included in the “Bright Thinkers” group of companies - Conscientious companies creating a brighter world with solar energy. In January 2105 a 10kW solar system was installed at the UVS facility in Newcastle, NSW that creates enough energy from the sun to run the peak load of the office and factory. The system will generate reliable electricity for over 25 years and provide clean energy for both UVS and society in general.

Hunter Manufacturing Awards

UVS is a proud finalist in the Hunter Manufacturing Awards. Established in 2005, Hunter Manufacturing Awards Inc (HMA) is dedicated to the promotion of best practice in manufacturing and is committed to ensuring manufacturing plays an integral role in invigorating the Region’s future. UVS has been a finalist in the category for “Excellence in Technology”. he UVS submission was based around the products that had been developed to complement the OEM suppliers that UVS provided distribution for in Australia. 




SC21 is a global benchmark of supply chain excellence derived from the UK 21st Century Supply Chain program and licensed in Australia as the Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP). BlueZone Group company, ATSA Defence Services, has been a member of SCIP since March 2011.

Society for Underwater Technology

UVS is a corporate member of the Perth Branch of the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT) which was formed in 2004. The SUT was founded to promote the further understanding of the underwater environment and to encourage:

  • cross–fertilisation and dissemination of ideas, experience and information between workers in academic research, applied research and technology, industry and government
  • development of techniques and tools to explore, study and exploit the oceans
  • proper economic and sociological usage of resources in and beneath the oceans
  • further education of scientists and technologists to maintain high standards in marine science and technology.

Hydrography  - logo

Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

The Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI) is the national peak body catering for the professional people who make up the spatial information industry. 

BlueZone Group UVS sponsors the Hydrography Commission within the SSSI. The hydrographic surveyor is a specialist in precise positioning and data acquisition in marine environments, expected to work in a wide range of differing situations and applications from inland waters and rivers, to ports and the deep oceans.

UVS is proud to be a supplier of leading edge equipment, systems, application engineering and training for hydrographic surveyor specialists. Our wide product portfolio supplied by global leaders is supported by local service and training enabling hydrographic surveyors to achieve their survey tasks.


Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI)

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