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  • rapidCAST™ Automated Underway Profiling System

    UVS Offers the Teledyne OceanScience rapidCASTTM free-fall sound velocity-profiling system. The complete rapidCAST installation consists of a Valeport fast sound velocity probe with Bluetooth data telemetry, an automatic remotely-operated compact deck winch with power supply, and a control software package for sound velocity cast management running on a PC connected to the deck equipment by cable.

    • Rapid underway sound velocity profiles at up to 12kts
    • Automated profiler deployment and recovery
    • Wireless Bluetooth data transfer
    • Lightweight and portable with fast mobilization
    • 500m profiling depth capability at 8kts

    Using an innovative active line payout system with precise tension control, effects of vessel speed and heave are eliminated to allow the freefalling SV probe to maintain an extremely consistent drop rate after being released at the start of the cast. Falling at up to 4.5m/s in the deep profiling mode or 2.5m/s in the shallow mode with a retarding float, the probe descends until it reaches the target depth entered into the control PC software. After applying the brake at the target depth, the rapidCAST automatically starts recovering the probe to a designated hold position behind the ship. When reaching the hold position the profile data is automatically uploaded to the survey PC by a wireless data link and the system is immediately ready to perform the next cast. 

Avoiding a large and costly conducting cable tether is the key to achieving the rapidCAST's profiling depth capability, short turnaround time between casts, and portability. While underway at up to 12kts the rapidCAST™ system will deliver actual cast depths within ±5% of the target depth. The high capacity spool loaded with low diameter but extremely strong line allows deployment of the profiler to its maximum depth of 2000m for low speed or stationary casts. 

    The rapidCAST is a small form factor system that may be installed on survey launches or larger vessels. It sits on a rotating base allowing the davit arm to be rotated directly aft (active position) or otherwise stowed when not in use.

    The rapidCAST™ system includes the following components:
    • Main winch with swivel base
    • Tension control arm
    • Davit arm and block
    • Deck control box
    • Remote E-Stop / communication module
    • Valeport rapidSV profiler with slow-fall (buoyant) or standard tail spools
    • rapidCAST control and data logging software
    The rapidCAST™ system uses an active motorized line payout with PID feedback control to allow the probe to freefall at the deployment location in a vertical profile with close to zero tension on the line, even as the ship moves away from the cast location. This active payout arrangement leads to extremely reproducible drop behaviour from one cast to the next in terms of the descent speed versus probe depth, and as a result drop timing can be used to accurately estimate the probe depth through the cast. There is no real time feedback of pressure or sound velocity data from the submerged probe to the rapidCAST™ deck unit, as there would be with a cabled towfish based system.

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